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“the cooling shadows”

stolen from the arc of spring
to field the questioning ones
petals bursting forth from latent slumber
only to fall from grace
what beautiful pink decay
that lays upon the prickling strands of grass
a bed of sweet scents to come
to raise the brow of gazing eyes
to cross the airy landscape
and fill the lonely drive
now we rest near the cracking asphalt
a hammock softened by winter’s form
gazing at the broken limbs of the season
i call you now to wake
from the tempest of your daze
and seek the cup of strangers
to fill your racing heart
for in the weeks to follow
horse and man will run
and by the cooling shadows
shade will be reformed

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/20/12


“baby smiles and dances”

a hush of muffled sound
to greet the injured flight
a chorus of minor echoes
on future pages written
these are the sounds that multiply
and ripple like a daydream
bringing smiles with passion
to live on the lighted stage
announcing the coming hours
a show of hands to gesture
at the rising windward flames
i have come to you in morning
to dash the dots and lines
bringing forth sweet rhythms
and two-step dancing times
why should i ask of you to wait
for in the scheme of grandeur
no patience do we require
we ask of you just only
to skip and pace in time
to while away the wonders
and the endless stroking lines
come for me my sweetheart
to make a smile wide
for baby brings no heartache
only filling strained divides
and when her little face
it glows forth to shine
i know that love is God-like
and motion can be timed
so when i return tomorrow
and when springs the twisting vine
i will climb with you to heaven
in the shifting scattered light
and look for what you have revealed
that which you have kept
hidden from my sight

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/16/12

“a fairy tale”

you have thrown up your city walls
for scaling thoughts to climb
your towers guarding hearts
for loving arrows to find
and when the sound of oceans
split and fill the air
you come forth from your gates
to greet the ones that stare
they have come to know and wonder
at the vision you produce
to see your hair to falling
in curls about your waist
and the length and breadth
and the blue eyed tearing twinkle
that grows upon your mind
for this story has no ending
only the beginning they do seek
they knew of you in past lives
reincarnated as divine
to come now they have combed
the sprawling hillside shadows
orbiting orchards round your throne
to find the mighty witness
and the strangeness from which was born
this blushful youth of stardom
and her flowing vision view
to give the gift of wonder
granted only to the chosen few

“when snow comes”

when snow comes
eyes wonder
and trees glisten in maddening light
a winter without such beauty
finally finds absolution
cheerful wet boots lay in foyers
and fireplaces strike up one last time
the season speaks of unfinished business
while children are at play
it will be a short life
for the sun works quickly
dissolving mysterious matter
even so, we feel a sense of calm
as nature gives the expected
there will be talk of weather
men at morning coffee
mothers bundling up their babies
this is what we expect
a final sort of cleansing
ablutions for a pure entrance
to greet the days of spring and warmth
and as we look out
from upper window views
we see the trails of footsteps
weaving dimpled paths
for the snow was once our future
but quickly becomes our past
and in the days of summer
when we long for the cooling blast
we will look at the eyes of sunshine
as they scatter forth in rays
and dream of distant winter
the nostalgia of this display
it will bring us forth from slumber
out of beds to join the day

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/5/12

“the coming”

the coming of storms and rainbows
the distant boom of white-hot thunder
it shakes your heart
and rattles your cage
the winds of change following earthen curves
whipping winter wastings through the air
to announce the coming equinox
and the growing days of light
to carry us from our gentle slumber
and wake us from cold snowy dreams
they bathe us in radiant shine
smooth victories to be born
of springtime and rain
of puddles and splashing
what new language will they speak
for the sounding out of passion
to break the spell of seasons
bringing forth all shades of green
and wondering red sparkles
born out of warming beds
to make my mood a song
and sing of days to come
for in the hot white solstice
fruit will grow to life
and all the sadness of heartaches
shall no longer be felt

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/2/12

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