“a fairy tale”

you have thrown up your city walls
for scaling thoughts to climb
your towers guarding hearts
for loving arrows to find
and when the sound of oceans
split and fill the air
you come forth from your gates
to greet the ones that stare
they have come to know and wonder
at the vision you produce
to see your hair to falling
in curls about your waist
and the length and breadth
and the blue eyed tearing twinkle
that grows upon your mind
for this story has no ending
only the beginning they do seek
they knew of you in past lives
reincarnated as divine
to come now they have combed
the sprawling hillside shadows
orbiting orchards round your throne
to find the mighty witness
and the strangeness from which was born
this blushful youth of stardom
and her flowing vision view
to give the gift of wonder
granted only to the chosen few


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