“the coming”

the coming of storms and rainbows
the distant boom of white-hot thunder
it shakes your heart
and rattles your cage
the winds of change following earthen curves
whipping winter wastings through the air
to announce the coming equinox
and the growing days of light
to carry us from our gentle slumber
and wake us from cold snowy dreams
they bathe us in radiant shine
smooth victories to be born
of springtime and rain
of puddles and splashing
what new language will they speak
for the sounding out of passion
to break the spell of seasons
bringing forth all shades of green
and wondering red sparkles
born out of warming beds
to make my mood a song
and sing of days to come
for in the hot white solstice
fruit will grow to life
and all the sadness of heartaches
shall no longer be felt

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/2/12


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