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“for the cticu nurses”

in and out of rooms
a fixture of life-lines
and sullen window views
the inorganic machinery of ticking time
we push toward the dimming monitors of light
the swollen heart of humanity
trading their mortal coil for a feast on the other side
we nurse those fading morphine visions
with soft voices that flow like warm milk
over the rough edges of sentiment
a basket of blood orange kisses
shared on the outdoor stages of flickering light
the heart pounds and swoons
we breathe in notes and symphonies
we find the buttery flame
it sends you on your way
and guides you on to distant shores
to find the verse and the sweet siren singing
so look deep into the chest of secrets
or know not what you lost
for there in the bewitching wilderness of dawn
you find the one you love
you carry her on fast-wings to safety
swearing never to fall from her again
but you are thwarted
by the unfeeling agents of change
now back amongst the whispers and the wires
you are trembling in the air
falling through captured spaces
wounded once again
and when the cycle starts
all over it begins
you find that it is you
in the end…

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/27/12

“for lisa and our family”

from southern sand-blown beaches
a family of youth and strength arose
weekends were filled with picnic baskets
on wind cracked tables near the shore
how lovely it is to remember the warm salted-water waves
that would rush and tumble about our feet
coconut husks littered the playground
to birth tall bending palms in years to come
but we would be gone from that low-land
never to see those baby palms reach for the heavens
to kiss the sweet sun light of our youth
we stole away in the deep darkness of night
as the season changed we felt the fear of those high jelico mountains
but something unexpected happened
the sweet hills of kentucky became our home
how strange it was to move farther north
and yet there among the bluegrass
we found the sweetness of the true south
the identity of hard times and good people
there we loved and grew a shared life of promise
but as time shall have it
the winds of change came about
forced from our perch like a hummingbird
seeking out the sparkling nectar of a violet blossom
we drifted across the country in small cars with small items
the trinkets we needed to feel safe
a brother carried on to pilgrim lands
a sister daydreaming on the california mountainsides
but the holy bind of a mother has kept us strong
through tear storms and wailing
through smiles canyon wide
and love
true and undying love
no matter where we are
we all reach for a taste of that cotton candy sky
our passion for each other
brought on by our long lost father
keeps us daydreaming together
even in the widening distance

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/27/12


Four takers so far. Four new poems. Don’t be shy! Don’t hesitate! Send me your five words. I really love this idea so far. It is pulling my mind in different directions that I would not have thought of before. Hope to hear from more of you very soon. Thanks!

I want to try something new for a little while but the only way I can do that is with your help. I want to write a new personalized poem for each and every person that responds to this post. Here are the only rules: Leave a comment to this post and include FIVE (5) words that have meaning to you or just leave any five words. Those 5 words will be the inspiration for my poem to you. If you want me to include your name then leave your name in the message. If you prefer to remain anonymous then that’s fine too. You will still know your poem when you see it. I hope that many of you will respond and I thank you in advance for the inspiration!

“for lauren”

in the falling season
trees scatter their lost children about the ground
they form road-side memorials that dress the streets
there final days spent in shades of blood and turmeric
as winter takes its grip on land and shore
they frost and crumble like morning scones at your bedside
the seasons flow on like some western surveyor
and we feel the chill of northern lights upon us
together we sip pinot in the evening glow of muted lamps
a bundle of threadbare blankets stashed safely in the wardrobe
tales of old are spun like so much yarn on your grandmother’s lap
and together we come to part the sorrows
grey days seem a continuum
darkness falls early and slow slumber awaits
but we welcome her
our spring darling beauty
dressed in alpine meadow colors
and we venture to the sea for relief
the salt spray and southern breezes make us whole again
around the table gathering conversation grows
and leaves are born again to mothering oaks
we raise our glasses high
and scrape the splinters from our fresh broken chop sticks
this evening will bring dinner and talk of travels
summer awaits in all her glory
for we are her progeny
and she
our savior

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/26/12

“for katie”

there is a picture on the wall
and the beauty it contains dangles like a curl
it flows through the room like wine from a forgotten cask
invoking ageless emotions only found in the eyes of a lonesome puppy
years have come and years have gone since the day it took shape
like a pure sonnet or a dancer on stage we never tire of it
i have seen this before
on distant walls
in distant homes
that span the length and breadth of our country
a land full of children and toys
a land of letters and words
they connect the sorrow and the joy of hearts separated
the indestructible bonds that shine like white teeth in the afternoon sun
we are all here now
as we shall always be
we have stitched an everlasting tapestry of friends
and we frame them like captured butterflies in a dusty museum hall
but as always we come together for those certain occasions
creating new visions of our future
dancing to the music of laughter
and feasting on the essence of togetherness
always remember these days
spent on couches and spinning cars
these are the days to remember
and they will never die

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/25/12

“for linda”

memories flow like a swift torrent of water
chasing some unspoken promise
with the speed of a subterranean river
and the power of a million spinning prayer wheels
they radiate the sound of love across the heart-born expanse
they twist like baby dancers in the far recesses of your soul
and then…
you remember
father was the maker of memories
he taught you all the things that the maiden forbid
he was the iron cross when the storms came
and the giver of sweet kisses when all things felt wrong
now you rest and remember
life as it were
you sit by the leaf, by the axe, by the pile
warmed by the air of the wood by the fire
and father is still there…
he celebrates his creation for all eternity
he thinks of you…

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/25/12

“for becky”

the sands of time flow in luscious curves
california mountains set the pace of glowing streams
vines grow a hundred years deep
to tap the soulful waters that fell so many years ago
and you walk the line of migration
falling through huckleberry trails
surrounded by misty mornings
picking the fruit of the twisted vine
it all falls in rows
wondering wild beneath a canopy of jade
couples snuggle by the fading fire light
they are wrapped in a blanket of stars
and in the foreign morning they wake
stirred by the willow branches thrashing in the wind
the new day calls for them
the fruits of their labor to be found
they pop the cork of the tawny red
and drink the tears of angels

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/25/12

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