“baby smiles and dances”

a hush of muffled sound
to greet the injured flight
a chorus of minor echoes
on future pages written
these are the sounds that multiply
and ripple like a daydream
bringing smiles with passion
to live on the lighted stage
announcing the coming hours
a show of hands to gesture
at the rising windward flames
i have come to you in morning
to dash the dots and lines
bringing forth sweet rhythms
and two-step dancing times
why should i ask of you to wait
for in the scheme of grandeur
no patience do we require
we ask of you just only
to skip and pace in time
to while away the wonders
and the endless stroking lines
come for me my sweetheart
to make a smile wide
for baby brings no heartache
only filling strained divides
and when her little face
it glows forth to shine
i know that love is God-like
and motion can be timed
so when i return tomorrow
and when springs the twisting vine
i will climb with you to heaven
in the shifting scattered light
and look for what you have revealed
that which you have kept
hidden from my sight

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/16/12


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