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“baby smiles and dances”

a hush of muffled sound
to greet the injured flight
a chorus of minor echoes
on future pages written
these are the sounds that multiply
and ripple like a daydream
bringing smiles with passion
to live on the lighted stage
announcing the coming hours
a show of hands to gesture
at the rising windward flames
i have come to you in morning
to dash the dots and lines
bringing forth sweet rhythms
and two-step dancing times
why should i ask of you to wait
for in the scheme of grandeur
no patience do we require
we ask of you just only
to skip and pace in time
to while away the wonders
and the endless stroking lines
come for me my sweetheart
to make a smile wide
for baby brings no heartache
only filling strained divides
and when her little face
it glows forth to shine
i know that love is God-like
and motion can be timed
so when i return tomorrow
and when springs the twisting vine
i will climb with you to heaven
in the shifting scattered light
and look for what you have revealed
that which you have kept
hidden from my sight

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/16/12


“for lauren”

in the falling season
trees scatter their lost children about the ground
they form road-side memorials that dress the streets
there final days spent in shades of blood and turmeric
as winter takes its grip on land and shore
they frost and crumble like morning scones at your bedside
the seasons flow on like some western surveyor
and we feel the chill of northern lights upon us
together we sip pinot in the evening glow of muted lamps
a bundle of threadbare blankets stashed safely in the wardrobe
tales of old are spun like so much yarn on your grandmother’s lap
and together we come to part the sorrows
grey days seem a continuum
darkness falls early and slow slumber awaits
but we welcome her
our spring darling beauty
dressed in alpine meadow colors
and we venture to the sea for relief
the salt spray and southern breezes make us whole again
around the table gathering conversation grows
and leaves are born again to mothering oaks
we raise our glasses high
and scrape the splinters from our fresh broken chop sticks
this evening will bring dinner and talk of travels
summer awaits in all her glory
for we are her progeny
and she
our savior

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/26/12

“for katie”

there is a picture on the wall
and the beauty it contains dangles like a curl
it flows through the room like wine from a forgotten cask
invoking ageless emotions only found in the eyes of a lonesome puppy
years have come and years have gone since the day it took shape
like a pure sonnet or a dancer on stage we never tire of it
i have seen this before
on distant walls
in distant homes
that span the length and breadth of our country
a land full of children and toys
a land of letters and words
they connect the sorrow and the joy of hearts separated
the indestructible bonds that shine like white teeth in the afternoon sun
we are all here now
as we shall always be
we have stitched an everlasting tapestry of friends
and we frame them like captured butterflies in a dusty museum hall
but as always we come together for those certain occasions
creating new visions of our future
dancing to the music of laughter
and feasting on the essence of togetherness
always remember these days
spent on couches and spinning cars
these are the days to remember
and they will never die

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/25/12

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