“when snow comes”

when snow comes
eyes wonder
and trees glisten in maddening light
a winter without such beauty
finally finds absolution
cheerful wet boots lay in foyers
and fireplaces strike up one last time
the season speaks of unfinished business
while children are at play
it will be a short life
for the sun works quickly
dissolving mysterious matter
even so, we feel a sense of calm
as nature gives the expected
there will be talk of weather
men at morning coffee
mothers bundling up their babies
this is what we expect
a final sort of cleansing
ablutions for a pure entrance
to greet the days of spring and warmth
and as we look out
from upper window views
we see the trails of footsteps
weaving dimpled paths
for the snow was once our future
but quickly becomes our past
and in the days of summer
when we long for the cooling blast
we will look at the eyes of sunshine
as they scatter forth in rays
and dream of distant winter
the nostalgia of this display
it will bring us forth from slumber
out of beds to join the day

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/5/12


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