“sweet sugared sky”

they say that snow is coming
sweet sugar falling from the sky
the people want and wait
it’s the cold love-shower desire
a million shimmering phantom dancers
veering across a sky-stage
it fills the little cracks
in our hearts and in our streets
it’s our insulation from the devils beneath
a crystallized crust of protection

i have been in its grasp
cold fingers up my back
it grabs long eye lashes
and brings spirits across
so you drive to the country
to see the great expanse
a cotton filled ocean about

the horizon is filled
and the darkness has come
all that is left is a moon glow reflection
your mirrored white face
now warm in your cabin
by the earth-stone place
a fire is growing
a blazing embrace
you sleep to the sound of the world
floating gently in place.

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/12/12


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