“deep buried sorrows”

there are places buried deep in the heart of man
undiscovered by prying eyes
they are unknown to most
bubbling up from some lost mountain spring
a shallow pool of thoughts
a hidden growing force
you will find it in yourself
as you trample over the moss-covered ground
wet with redemption

it is found in the bindings of the ancient books
a cryptic form of language spoken by none
it can only be sensed
not touched with hands
it cannot be written by the faithful scribe
it is a love letter
written on soul-paper
disappearing under the spell of a harsh breath

so know it is there
somewhere inside
fear not the coming rush of emotion
it stabs at the soul
but awakens the mind
and when you are lost
it will find you
wherever you have gone
to the tall mountain peak
or the dark dungeon beneath
remember what i have told you
tonight before you sleep
there are deep buried sorrows
an inch beneath your feet

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/12/12


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