“through the wormhole”

there is a quantum string that binds us all!
it was born of creation,
from the invisible dust.
you feel my presence,
i am thinking your name
and in the hour of commune,
we now breathe as one.

i knew you would come,
as a vision from my past.
i knew the smell of your perfume,
before you were born.

we have carved the face of this planet.
we are the spinning memories,
shifting and falling through time.
bound only by our lacking,
driven by what we think we should see.

the cycle is a cold-fire burn.

but i hear what you feel,
it comes to me in myriad colors.
i taste what you see,
your visions burn my lips.
and i breathe in your whispers,
they tickle my throat.

you are part of my essence,
your walk and your talk.
we dance through this wind-fire garden,
electric with might.
and stand for the ages,
determined to find,
the string that has bound us,
our destiny entwined.

it leads us to dream,
to dream of a theory…
elliptical might
and orbit round our consciousness,
this pressed spectrum of light.

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/11/12


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