“for lisa and our family”

from southern sand-blown beaches
a family of youth and strength arose
weekends were filled with picnic baskets
on wind cracked tables near the shore
how lovely it is to remember the warm salted-water waves
that would rush and tumble about our feet
coconut husks littered the playground
to birth tall bending palms in years to come
but we would be gone from that low-land
never to see those baby palms reach for the heavens
to kiss the sweet sun light of our youth
we stole away in the deep darkness of night
as the season changed we felt the fear of those high jelico mountains
but something unexpected happened
the sweet hills of kentucky became our home
how strange it was to move farther north
and yet there among the bluegrass
we found the sweetness of the true south
the identity of hard times and good people
there we loved and grew a shared life of promise
but as time shall have it
the winds of change came about
forced from our perch like a hummingbird
seeking out the sparkling nectar of a violet blossom
we drifted across the country in small cars with small items
the trinkets we needed to feel safe
a brother carried on to pilgrim lands
a sister daydreaming on the california mountainsides
but the holy bind of a mother has kept us strong
through tear storms and wailing
through smiles canyon wide
and love
true and undying love
no matter where we are
we all reach for a taste of that cotton candy sky
our passion for each other
brought on by our long lost father
keeps us daydreaming together
even in the widening distance

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/27/12


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