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“childish thoughts”

carve your totem from the light of a distant orb
draw salty little chalkboard circles on you lover’s heart
make sweet mention of me in dead sea scrolls
or rest and wait for a chocolate night-path
born on a winter’s monday
whittled from the fallen lumber of a day’s work

oh how the innocent have come
how the guilty shall fall
through the paper shuffle cracks
and time hole punches

so be a little bird, chest puffed out
be a loud siren, driving streets of water
what a magnetic force you bring
a diamond glass cut across your face
ice hotels and molten gardens delight
surely you can stay?
for a little while…
surely you can reign over my parade
and cast a slick little smile

think of when you were young
and boats were water-cars
think of uncles holding you aloft
you saw everything from your pinnacle perch
wind veins blew happiness all about
and an imperfect blade of grass was madness
so think and come…
come back home to all that you have lost
become a child once more!

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/24/12

“the razor’s edge”

even in a circle there are lines
and beholden memories
that transform the ageless wonders

they scatter like prisms
in a torrent of angles
presenting truth and desire

the form and the formless join
and glad tidings are cast to the edge
delivering the essence of matter

the square and the four sides are known
they enclose the firmament
in boundless degrees immeasurable

the dust of all things collects on the razor’s edge
a sharp blazing strip across the skies
bordering the gap between the here and now

and in the forest there is life
it all fits on a map of the future
compass guided and born of tangled frequencies

make of this what you will
but know
all the thoughts of nations and men
are but the tiny black-ink droplet
a scribble on the great author’s page

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/23/12

“the unwaking”

i rise to the cold
and to the distant sound of rain,
triumphant in the morning wake.
the birdsong follows me in the showering light!

i amble over stony gravel,
a scratching song beneath my feet.
familiar is the rhythm of the day?

each new morning my heart is unstrung
and must be tuned anew,
for the shifting day,
a file of papers
and words that flow across copper wires.

the hallways are quiet,
warm air rushes about
while this lonely soul beats out a tapping…
racing hands along the lettered board.

but there will be suprises?
and blue vinyl horses
dressed in their sunset orange might.

there will be devices
and words to create.
thoughts to be delivered
to the weary souls aflight.

come back to me now!
oh day that has gone.
forever in the unwaking silence of sound…

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 12/27/11

“above clouds in the beginning”

travel with my thoughts,
mindless with intimate surprise…

i float on clouded seas above faint and snakish rivers,
expanding awkwardly in the dying sun.

i feel slighted and content as i embark on this journey of journeys.

familiar softness resting in my head,
but not of pillows,
truly, rum and juice.

now i fasten my seat belts,
and cry for the love-lost kiss!
descending into darkness,
when once i was high and above such heart-felt meetings.

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 6/4/97

“cloud splitter”

the wind blows soft secrets into the sternest of ears,
and they will not be denied.
nor will they wait,
for on they blow,
crazy and silent with infinite direction,
paralyzing all
in remembrance of their final thoughts.

but soon they are gone?
forever, they are never left behind.

but i am glassy-eyed,
silent and trembling,
red with tears of sweat,
aching with joyous pain!
for now i know salvation…
in one of it’s many shocking and desperate forms.

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari (May, 1997)

“i wanna love you”

i wanna love you most every day,
even when the sun and shadows hide you away!

and i wanna love you most every day,
even when the wind,
it blows you away!

even if the sun,
should refuse to shine,
i would lie in bed with you,
until we come undone.

even if the wind,
should refuse to blow,
i would spin my heart in circles,
because i love you so.

i love you
when you’re walking in the sun.
and i love you
when you’re walking in the rain.
i love you
most every way,
because my heart is jaded by
the things you say…

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 12/23/11

“paint me a picture”

pull the curtain back
and reveal the ivory keys.
reveal the dust of memories…

race the rings of saturn.
and burn their icy bondage.

for here, the blue-day lingers…

blow the ash from those forgotten pages
and place them on your heart.

find the wilted flower,
in the keep-sake box below.

fill me with your memories,
for i have lost my own.

you read like a book now,
where the words have all gone.

you talk like the wind,
in syllables unkown.

i’ve never had…time on my side
but you….
you have created this great divide

so please,
please wipe those tears from your eyes
and tell me why?

why am i wounded?
by your desert walks alone…
driven by the centuries
to the tide-lands of my home

so please!
just paint me a picture,
they say it’s worth a thousand words.
tell me your story
or don’t say…anything!
just lay here in silence,
it’s the simple thing?

-Jason Akhtarekhavari 12/23/11 (in remembrance of the 22nd of December 2011)

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