“paint me a picture”

pull the curtain back
and reveal the ivory keys.
reveal the dust of memories…

race the rings of saturn.
and burn their icy bondage.

for here, the blue-day lingers…

blow the ash from those forgotten pages
and place them on your heart.

find the wilted flower,
in the keep-sake box below.

fill me with your memories,
for i have lost my own.

you read like a book now,
where the words have all gone.

you talk like the wind,
in syllables unkown.

i’ve never had…time on my side
but you….
you have created this great divide

so please,
please wipe those tears from your eyes
and tell me why?

why am i wounded?
by your desert walks alone…
driven by the centuries
to the tide-lands of my home

so please!
just paint me a picture,
they say it’s worth a thousand words.
tell me your story
or don’t say…anything!
just lay here in silence,
it’s the simple thing?

-Jason Akhtarekhavari 12/23/11 (in remembrance of the 22nd of December 2011)


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