“for loralyn”

great steel arches span raging rivers
while we cross the great plains of our desire
shadows fall and lift again to reveal dreamy notions
this is the age of uncertainty
we are bound by wireless tethers
breathing out coded messages across hidden landscapes
books of love and mystery grow dusty under this powerful spell
incandescent lights trade their souls for sunny days
but remember years gone by
when lipstick kisses filled secret letters
we would roam the halls
and windswept beaches
searching for cherished moments of joy
you have felt the loss of breath
climbing wrought iron staircases
that twist toward the sheltering sky
flowers grow and form
like fingers at work sculpting river clay
smiles dapple the forest floor
revealing trails of intimate desire
that run like so many arteries
through the limbs of towering trees
they glow like a phosphorescent night bath
leaving traces of time
scattered like chance offerings
that glow and shift
in a translucent alabaster shrine
this is the work of soft hands
and swollen hearts
this is the changing tide of wisdom
struck out like a vibrant chord
across the breast of human desire
and when it finds a home
it captures all the remnants of stone and feather
and we remain
standing waist high in a lake of emotion
sipping laughter from a well of tears

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 2/7/12


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