“for ellie dowdy”

oh sweet bird of sorrow!
sing to me from your woven perch
you fill the golden air with lofty sonnets
expressing the joy of sentient beings
i am the mirror
and the chord of vibration in your world
i will climb mountains of loss
and stumble through valleys of fire
to find the sweet scent you have left behind
my arms reach for the high thermals that carry you aloft
words ring out in atmospheric waves
and backyard chimes mimic you on windy days
i swaddle you in bubble wrap and keep you safe
fear never wins the day in your presence
you are the daughter of might!
you carry us away on mended wings
a feathering whisper grows to seek you out
even in the dark of ages your bright vision shines
glaciers melt at a flapping of your visage
time stands still while you assault the mansions of men
delivering messages scribbled on egyptian papyrus
i will always find you there
in the shade of the pyramids
perched on a soul-less tomb
sipping from the banks of the nile
you are the sweet and fair maiden of love
and when you are gone
may we all dissolve back into the sea
for a world without you
in the end
can never


2 responses to this post.

  1. This is so much more than I imagined it would be. Thank you. My only daughter, Emily who was 24, was killed by a drunk driver on Feb. 7, 2009. This makes me think of her and reminds me of the poetry of Rumi – that connection with the real things of this world on that deepest of levels – and the deep emotions. Thank you. I hope you are enjoying your little one…there is nothing like a new life to give meaning and great joy.
    Love Wins!


  2. Dear Ellie,

    It brings me great sorrow to hear about the loss of your daughter and yet to me she exists somewhere much more beautiful now. I truly thank you for sharing your words with me and allowing me to craft a poem for you. This experience of writing poems inspired by the 5 words that people give to me has been truly awesome. I know that when the words are chosen they have meaning and conjure up certain feelings and ideas about what the poem will be. Then when you read the poem you see that I may have taken the words in a very different direction and yet because of our shared experiences as human beings you still find that common tone that is invoked by your choice of words. This kind of sharing and connection between people is what lends beauty to this world. Please feel free to let your friends and family know about my project and encourage them to submit their own 5 words to me.
    Per Aspera Ad Astra = Through Adversity to the Stars


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