“the sun of today”

there is a warm spring to the sun of today!
it has tricked the little trees and
fooled the purposeful bulbs.
they both have put forth little presents
for the beholder to eye.

it is a strange sun,
the sun of this day.
conversation abounds outside
and the wind lacks its rightful chill.

the flow of the breeze
conjures perfect memories
while the gardening hearts are called to gaze.

i am inspired by the ocean i feel,
by the swearing sound of surf
near in the distance.

you are all here with me
to close squinted eyes
to breathe in the brightness
fostered by symbols,
undeciphered, unknown…

me thinks it a gift,
that only few can see,
those here on this island,
surrounded by land.

so raise the boom!
and trim the sails.
we are set adrift no more.
this collection of vessels
we are truly meant to explore…

-Jason Akhtarekhavari 1/6/12


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