“the mountain”

there is a mountain
buried deep in the shadow.
it perfumes the eye of the beholder
with blinding light!

on the slopes
birds make noise
and the travelers
are soaked in sweet mysteries…

those that arrive
are driven deeper.
in the heart of the mountain
a dwelling force grows.

i remember my visit
there in the shadow.
it came from the past,
but the future quickly followed.

something of the divine,
a cathedral of man,
roared in the distant unknown.
all that followed,
knew what came.
it was born on the wind,
and it pulsed through the veins.

when the time came,
tears rolled a swell
down golden found faces.

the bursting heart knew silence
shared with the infinite,
the blissful hum rose!

i carry those dreams,
now here in my pocket
a strange, secret remembrance,
drifting in oneness,
back and down,
to the litter of earth below.
it seemed but an hour,
or was it?
just a moment ago…

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/5/12


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