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“red ant fires”

red ant fires smolder in the georgia dust

and the droning sound of pollinators

it trickles through the air

like summer balloons on an evening sky


the old orchards have fallen to decay

the fruit is bitter and flush with the taste of sin


there are gravestones that stretch in glimmering white

so plainly beautiful and bursting with emotion


it all unfolds like a dreamscape

childhood vacations etched in memory


and all along the coast

among the grass and swaying palms

the sand is built of castles

we are kings upon our thrones


but the sodden wheels of time

they have drenched our dreaming wheels


for now we talk when once we tumbled

and pray when once we slept


we have been cast out from our ocean

our toes beneath the foam

and we wonder why this happened

how we came to know this home


-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 6/25/14


“a dance in the afterlife”

some will dance in the afterlife

moved by tickled feet

and the green sway of ornamental grass

they will be featured on luminous stages

among a cast of shadows

and in their lightening moves

and in their gracious slumber

honey comb metronomes beat out a rhythm

while the swelling of the chorus booms

for i have seen these mystics

uncanny visions from across the mire

a coin for each eye

paid to conduct the ferryman

high atop the splintered mast

looking out across the multitude

as they form a great company

to bind and bellow

sliding across the somber stage

with dirty pink sashes

and wooden tipped shoes

spinning in a deathly ballet

oh sweet prima!

your pirouetting visage sublime

why have you left this world?

to enter a space divine

for i only asked of you a kiss

from red lips alive

but you chose to seek the darkness

to bear a new disguise

and to leave me standing breathless

peering across the great divide

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 5/21/12

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