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“simple, scattered lines”

it’s a yellow submarine morning

colder than the eyes of some forbidden danger

a spark of light by the curtains glow


red balloons across the sky

they have come to take me on


no more black birds singing in the darkest night

we have come to another day in the life


thinking back, i remember just now

our fires burning such a deepest cavern in the snow

our conversations like journeys flown


i hear now what percolates

in yonder distant rooms

filled with wives and children

with cereal and spoons


and to a desk with pen and ink

to strike the sounds of thought

to ponder and to think


i become the soul of time

crafting a digital word-spun rhyme


and as i look upon these lines

across the clutter, grown like vines

i think of drawers and shelves and pockets

placing such secrets softly

on a page of light and time


and perhaps one year from now

when the cold and white does shine

i will remember why i wrote these

simple, scattered lines


they will bring me back

to a moment, a place, a time

and I will think of winter

so beautiful, so cruel

so measured, so divine

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/6/18



cold words fall like a drafty afterthought

the dream catcher leaves have arrived

our woods retain sudden memories of warmth

there is a new kind of music that swirls in our driveways

and a familiar sort of dance

it is one for the trees


and for their dearly departed souls

they crumble and drift

they rattle and hum

a trillion cells immortal

gone to live beneath our feet


and oh how we breathe

our hearts in repose

we have sanctioned their coming

though such memories are but on loan

they have triggered our senses

those first to be found

now surrendering forever

for in the winter they will have gone


but i shall be your ghosted firefly

your remnants of summer

and in the evening your pumpkins

so lovingly carved out of light


i will smile from doorways open

and walk your sugary streets

for i have been in such worlds

i have tasted those treats


but while we are here

in a place…

so strangely familiar

perhaps we should ask…


what words have you seen falling?

are you such a catcher of dreams?

we must ponder how they answer

those warm wooden trees

it is not enough to simply listen

to hear their songs in the night

we must wonder why they tremble

so cold with delight

as if their notes were softly telling

this story of the night


or should we wonder?

have we missed something greater…

perhaps just this season

our earthly prayers bathed in light

or a symbol freshly shattered

a reflective mirror

for those without sight


-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 10/26/16


there’s a cascading fall that runs the wild glen
with effortless movement it so captures the eyes
like a soul soothing salve to the enemy within

and there are monsters that roam
in the wild lonely-ness…
though seldom they are seen
for they live in the darkness
like sounds from the distance
their only home found in dreams

down in the valley
the ash rises in heat
over fires that burn like a cold stolen thing

for we are the embers that glow in the night
we are friends with the fireflies
and we love how they dance
in a rhythm chaotic
as if they know something more
something distant, unseen
like words on a page
that disappear from our sight
leaving only traces of the morning
pure, clean and bright

and if only one day i should find them
those lines on a tree
i shall commit them to memory
so they should never be lost

for we owe that much to them
as they conjured our dreams
and they filled our shelves
only asking that sometimes
we blow dust from their covers
and take them to bed
so that once more they may open
a window unto this world
and rest ever gently
in our arms, by our side
longed for and remembered
cherished and clean

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 7/31/13

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