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“in the darkest wood”

pollen lingers in the air

like the dust of angels

resting on a field of forgotten numbers

born of long division remainders

in a tomb of winter bells

no longer sounding

we are far from frosted white beaches

far from the capes and coves that shelter

here is where the voices mingle

in the windless halls and old theatres

just outside the walls of braided grass

green with envy

alone in the darkest wood

and breathing…

just breathing


-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 2/22/13





what is it about beauty?

the way she curls up so tightly ‘round your heart

all the pressure of the mighty universe

wound fist-tight

like a ball of string

as of yet unmet by needle

untouched by soft hands


she is an angel purring at your doorstep

and all the yards of european lace

all the flowers in spring

her equal they are not

for she is the taste of sweetness

on loving lips so warm

she brings about the yearning

in your dreams before the dawn

casting out the darkness

no mirror to unworthy forms


her movement strikes at elegance

words beyond compare

yellow daisy waterfalls

taking a distant second place


she is the wind and song

the gentle ocean spray

the beaming light of towers

in the ancient city squares


oh how you thought you knew her

she is gone now from your sight

she filters through the ages

filling darkness with her light


and if you want her back

you must speak these words tonight

come back to me sweet beauty

for i am nothing when you’re gone

you have left an empty void

and in the stillness  i await

to see the casting of your shadow

on my pillow bedside warm

and even should i die

before your form it does return

i will long for you in lifetimes

not just this one


-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 8/2/12

“the longing and the lust”

when candied stars shine jewel-like in the rising distance

hearts murmur and grow

the shifting and slowing of emotions come fierce

as the weight of the closing approach moves forth

in the distance songs ring out

and the wood fire graces the sky with its smoky trail

all along the trail, flowers dance in the valley wind

while train whistle melodies echo in the caverns beneath

we have come to this place

to stand among the rock and sand

bodies squeezing tight through the hour glass

searching for the cool breath of spring

you have known this place

and walked its miles

running your hands along the sheer face

i have seen this place

in the grip of a maddening storm

wet with the milk of clouds

chilled by the iron ring

and in the birth of days

the comfort of repetition will strengthen our longing

for we are the meaning behind the tale

and the strong dusty taste on waiting lips

we will strike out again

amongst the tall grass and painful whispers

and in this striking we shall burn

the fire of longing buried deep beneath our tender souls

and when the season dreams us well

we will cloak ourselves in mystery

and drift smartly away

for in the act of disappearing

at home we find ourselves

wrapped in the bitter longing

and waiting for the lust of rain

Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari  5/8/12

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