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Where do my poems come from?

Often times people ask me where my poetry comes from. In particular, my sister posed this question to me today. I really don’t spend any time thinking about my process or the way I write my poetry. However, since my sister asked the question, I decided to make a reply. And like my poetry, this explanation sort of came to me in a spontaneous way. I think it is a fairly accurate description and perhaps those of you who have taken the time to read my poems may appreciate this?

“It is sort of a mystery where my poems come from. I think that they are mostly some sort of waking dream that takes the form of words. They are abstract and thus like a dream they require interpretation and yet they tell a story. That story, however, depends very much on the reader and how they interpret the poem. In that way the reader can make the poem his or her own and I think that is a beautiful interaction.
-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/28/13


you have to fight for the yard-long miles

like the wind in the cross-long fallows

alight with the fire of folded magic

tendering your sweet resignations

like fingerprints that smudge a cloudless sky

for we are the lost ones weary

come from an ocean of stolen devotions

circling and diving we pray

the melting wax of vintage candles

forming a sidewalk, nighttime display

they tell a sweet secret story

born in the june of the day

paid for like the rhymes of an hour

in this spreading motion at play

but there will always be something

breathless and lost in the wanting

it is found in the heart as it matters

a little whisper that swallows

and when it comes up for air

from the pillowed window frame seat

it will look to capture the moment

proud of the bounty

that lays at your feet


-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 6/19/12

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