“by the dawn’s early light”

oh wise one
come to me from your spirited mountain top
from where the fire of currency has turned to ash
from where all is lost in a frozen hush
carry yourself to my lonely hills
here among the prickly pear and the nightshades
take your breaths of water from my sacred pools
bathe in the dust of this valley
for this is where we all shall live
here among the spires of lime and stone
sharpened to a blade of grass
yet so thoughtful and sweet
covered in blankets of grandeur
sworn to a life of secrecy

oh radiant one
rush down upon me
fill me with your warm embrace
take me to where the sun also rises
to where the daffodils plunder and grow
away from these faltering seconds
away from these scattering winds
for your voice is the answering echo
cast back to me from afar
it warms me like laughter and kisses
and fills me with dreams that glow

oh loving one
if you cannot conceive of such things
then perhaps i am mistaken
for here in the arms of my slumber
i live in the realm of your magic
and sometimes though i am taken
by thoughts so far beyond delight
i know that i must awaken
to the sound of dawn’s early light

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 3/28/13


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