“the lips of strangers”

catch and release
the slow flow away
from the pollen soaked lashes
and the dandelion tears
the storm has come
and with it the blue tide
and the arching orbs
the rush of cool filled air
the way it whips and turns
finding the corners of hidden places
like a spring hidden beneath
a flux of gears and boulders
to form the path of secret whispers
to break the dust of lonely days
wake your eyes to the smell of green
and shades a thousand strong
uncover the bow and the tie that binds
make for the safety of higher ground
for there you will breathe freely
of scented air and scented shoulders
on blankets old with scars
and girls young with lofty aspirations
these are the times before the taking
when sweat drips from the tips of noses
to release a salty kiss
forever upon the lips of strangers
never to be known again!

Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 4/6/12


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