“the sword and the soul”

oh sweet rapier
born of victory and defeat
see the sentiment of man
housed in rusty scabbard
above the mantle piece
how once your mighty thrust cut the air
pointing to the yellow iron moon
sleep gently now upon your brickish throne
picture frame families gathered round
they shall be your entourage now
an army of light-shadow souls
carrying the crest of peace to distant kingdoms

on these thoughts i ponder the wondering way
all the while scarlet fevers spark and drift
they circle and fade like twin destinies
one in this life, one in another
billion year old light exits far and away
only to return from origin
a cage of geometric shapes yet unknown
but home to all…
pulled by dark, sightless strength
and unimaginable heat

what place is this now
where here we find ourselves
vessels bound by a trick of science
gentle, vulnerable and weeping
but these are tears of solace
let anguish not be known
for in the righteous
or in the weak
the pulse of truth sparking embers are born

so come unhinged
and see the flux of mirrored light
it warms you with a gentle caress
in the way of peerless morning’s magic
and follows you long erring
the distant path alone
binding you to home and hearth
a cradle for your infancy
the melody of transient souls
unencumbered by the legend
and the wasting days of old

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 2/21/12


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