“dark matter”

our world is born about a skeleton of dark matter
invisible to the giant eyes that seek out discovery
it passes through our very bodies
what mysteries abound in this life
dimensions grow beyond the three
time is misunderstood
oh how we like to be neatly organized
all things in boxes
labeled, counted and defined
but these are the mighty chains that bind us
they turn us from the great discoveries within
souls and spirits passing without notice
venturing to realms unseen
stars and galaxies spin in numbered light
washed in a glow of billion year old death light
energy bursts across the cosmos like science fiction
a host of heavenly objects hidden from sight
what illusory visions may come
shrouded in the burning expanse
we must all become the great explorer
seeking the fortune of knowledge
or return to the earth in sadness
our potential never known

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 2/10/12


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