“the door to freedom”

this is a soul-crushing time
a time of endless thoughts
bent like a coffin nail
dead dreams can no longer rise
the ash too deep, the soot too heavy
the weight of a thousand sinister memories
crawl across my grey body
i am lost in this city
a black sticky bog about my feet
and this craving
a strong craving to go out into the wilderness
to pitch a lonely tent
on a lonely mountain top
to breathe out across the winded expanse
emptied of things man made
void of the trappings that make the mundane
but alas, the societal chain will not free me
it rings out like a death knell
my wishes for a moon’s worth of solitude shall not be
and so i am here for the unresting of days
still here…
and wondering,
when will the door to freedom be unlocked?

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/23/12


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