in fire, there is light!

warm home comings
find you showered in rose water candy.
all the pretty dresses swirl about
like spinning umbrellas held aloft to a maddening sky.
dancers tumble motionless on a cotton candy stage.
the vibrancy of the moment is captured like a summer-death firefly.
well-wishers jostle for position to see the queen.
air is lost, sound is trapped,
and the precious crown dulls in the fixing stage flash.
you are more than a glass ornament on this tree.
you are the hopes and wishes of all that came before you.
unfurl the banner of your truth.
make it sing to the oncoming crowds.
carry on to the highest himalayan peaks.
you are the star-dust snow fairy
swooning in the atmospheric light.
but don’t be too harsh,
for we love you so,
and when the wailing has ceased
and all your admirers have gone,
you will be back in your jar,
in your box,
in your home…

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/18/12


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