“she always slips away”

meet me on a swing
in the park
on a lonesome day
but be forewarned
it will be emptied
from the cold sunburst wind

make with me
a two-way pendulum
counting out the beats
of our drumming hearts
but swing not too high
for you might fall

and into my grasp
you will be retained
with colored cheeks

now on to the slide
in the burgeoning day
but not too fast
or the cold steel
may rest you away

be with me
on a hill-fast ride
past the ghosts
of purple summer flowers
counting out the breaths
of our swooning lungs
but don’t breathe too hard
for you might drown
choked with the laughter
that i used to destroy your frown

i am your savior
on this day
your love-trust companion
carried away

for in prose or in poem
i speak from my heart
and with you alone
there will be happiness
cloaked in the dark
just as the evening drawn shutters
hide us from sight
i pull you closer
tied in sheets white
but even as the dawn rise trickles
and i drift off to sleep
you slip from my side
a soft powder-skinned vision of peace

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 1/3/12


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