“white rainbow”

burst through a wall of snow!
finding the cold, steel trickle down your neck…
thrust your arms to the sky!
pull down the rainbow-white
the sound of crushing feet rush about you
and the wind makes wicked!
the frost bitten eyes burn red hot
they look down,
and beyond the precipice.
do not fall!
my wasted darling.
you have run from the arms of treachery
now, in circles round you, they clutch!
they pry! and they take from you…
and what is left?
but one blade of grass…
it punctures the light
all else has been stolen
silent silence now
in the wounded night…

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 12/16/11 (requiem for 12/14/11 a.k.a “lazy day 1”)


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