“the stoneless path”

find me in circles,
the harrowing hush…
driven by tide and time.
lost upon this driving river,
clutching to a ringlet of her hair.
that winding red breeze has taken hold of me again.
in the sand and in the softness…
riding high beneath the stone covered sky,
afire with hazy imaginings
the striking features of this faceless place.
alive with the energy of a thousand souls
bridging the gap of eternity.
now the line in the sand has hardened,
the sandy stoneless path revealed
the arching arms aflutter
gasping for air.
a kiss so sweet to remember
forever in the fallen stare.
grab me,
i am at the edge…
eternity lost on no one,
in the twitch of momentary reason,
in the tepid bathing light,
we run for the edge of nothing
gone from captured sight!

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 12/12/11


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