“the frenzied tide”

fold me by the lines in the surface cut.
you have been molded to the sweetest form…
twist me from the scrolling vine,
we have been tangled in the mesh.
far, fast and beyond the smoothing surface…
below the frenzied tide
the animation of all that we loved
here stricken by wounded angel wings,
and falling fast among the hush.
hurry and be long gone…
for the breathless heart i have become.
down and with the soft face blush,
streaking tears, her face has fallen…
and now we dive beneath the waves
to search the darkness
through folded lines and molded forms
across the vastness of this empty place
within our hearts, the drowning tears
they sting the face
buried deep in the churning waste

-Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari 12/9/11


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